Costco is testing an addition to its food-court menu, a 1/3-pound cheeseburger for $4.99. But will it hold up to the famous hot dog?

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Sightings of the new Costco burger have been popping up at its warehouse stores in Seattle and around Southern California.

Word has it this burger is headed to the Costco locations in Issaquah, Kirkland and Lynnwood, according to food-court employees at those local stores.

But mum’s the word from corporate heads at Costco who won’t even confirm that this cheeseburger exists?!

Oh, but it exists, all right, all 1,140 calories of it. Eater and other outlets report that the Seattle store is part of Costco’s burger test market along with its California stores in Pacoima, Lakewood and Corona.

Is this test burger supposed to be Costco’s grand follow-up to its famous hot dog? Is this burger supposed to be like Shake Shack? Questions. We have questions.

Eater in Los Angeles, along with other California foodie websites, noted that the Costco test burger “looks an awful lot like the one Shake Shack basically perfected years ago.”

The website Foodbeast, which broke the story of the test burger, appears to have intel from a Costco insider, reporting that the secret sauce is a smoked Thousand Island dressing and that the organic beef patty is served on a challah bun (with romaine lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar).

How is it? The one I tasted at the Sodo Costco ($4.99) had a thick, charred patty (1/3 pound) with coarsely ground beef for a meaty bite. It would have been better if it were served bloody red. But this is a high-volume food court, and alas, burgers are all served well done. It’s a fine burger, not as moist as Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack variation, but good for the price range. Its thick sauce keeps it from becoming too dry.

The burger — at least the test variation I had last week — lacked the burst of flavors (salty, sour and sweet) and the juiciness of the Costco hot dog with condiments.  You still can’t beat that $1.50 hot dog.