Buzzfeed’s ‘Worth It’ team tries salmon at Emerald City Fish & Chips, Ivar’s Salmon House and Aqua by El Gaucho.

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Mountains. Check. Trees. Check. Waterfront dining. Check. The Space Needle. Missed that one.

These are all on the list for visiting food shows. Three of the four made the cut for Buzzfeed’s “Worth It,” whose hosts visited Seattle to try salmon from three restaurants at three price points. Along the way, Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj marveled at the mountains and a random deciduous tree in front of a nondescript building.

What a strange and wonderful place Seattle must be to outsiders.

Lim, Ilnyckyj and cameraman Adam Bianchi started at Emerald City Fish & Chips for an $8.25 order of salmon and chips and smoked salmon chowder. Ugh, every Seattleite knows that salmon should never be fried. Doesn’t mean it isn’t good, but there are much better fish for frying, and that is something the folks at Emerald City Fish & Chips do well.

Next was the obligatory, yet not unimaginative, visit to Ivar’s Salmon House for a $25 grilled king salmon.

The trio’s final stop was at Aqua by El Gaucho on Pier 70 for a $56 salmon and a view of Puget Sound, downtown and Mount Rainier — which was, of course, mentioned. The salmon was described as “sexual.”

They ended up endorsing the smoked salmon chowder (a much better use of salmon than the fryer) and the salmon fish and chips at Emerald City over the more expensive options.

If you want to try salmon at home, here are some simple and healthful recipes. Where to get delicious fresh salmon? Seattle Times food writer Bethany Jean Clement has some suggestions.