The Mariners' new concession-stand lineup this season will include food by chefs Josh Henderson and Ethan Stowell and munchies such as fried oysters and yes, fried grasshoppers.

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Yep. You read right. Fried grasshoppers will be served at Mariners home games this season.

If you can get over the image that the crunchy bite could be their eyes popping out and the fact that the blade-like back legs are tickling your tongue – then you will have no problem enjoying these beer-friendly morsels.  It’s like popcorn, only with eyes and legs.

Actually, for the uninitiated, these Oaxacan chapulines seasoned with chile-lime salt seasoning aren’t bad. You only taste the salty, citrusy seasoning. Perfect with a beer or tequila.

The fried grasshoppers are part of the new ballpark offerings. In our best Tom Hutyler voice, here’s your new food lineup for the 2017 Seattle Mariners season.

Great State Burger: (At the Pen) —Chef Josh Henderson brings his fast-food concept with  double cheeseburgers ($10.50), crinkle fries ($6) and shakes ($6) to the ballpark because apparently running a zillion restaurants around the city wasn’t enough.

Ballard Pizza Company: (At the Pen.) Ethan Stowell adds pizza by the slice ($7) to his many ballpark offerings.

Bramling Cross: (At the Pen) Another Stowell addition from Ballard, this stand features buttermilk-fried chicken ($16), fried oysters ($12) and pickle fries ($7).

Poquitos:  (At Edgar’s Cantina and Edgar’s Tacos)  This Capitol Hill Mexican joint will offer fried grasshoppers ($4), tacos (3 for $12) and Wagyu carne asada with fries ($12).

Uptown China: (At Section 133 on the Main Level) This Queen Anne restaurant will serve fried rice ($6) and stir-fried dishes like beef and broccoli ($13.50)

Other notable new concession stands. Rita’s Italian Ice, Frozen Rope Sandwich Company and CB’s Nuts. Also, Fletcher’s brings back the all-beef frank recipe that was served from 1990-1999 at the Kingdome.