College football season is in full swing. Tickets to a Husky game can get a bit pricey, so if you’re looking to not spend too much at the game, here are some of the best food deals you can get.

Even though one of us is a Husky and the other a Coug, we put aside our school rivalry and united as one for this story to tell you that the foods we tried were … not great.


Note that per Husky Stadium’s bag policy, you can bring in factory-sealed or empty water bottles, and single servings of outside food, so if you’re really trying to save money, bring your own. If you do decide to buy food at the stadium, know that the main concourse has the most food options. There are more stands on the second-level concourse, but for the most part, they all sell similar, if not the same, items.

The good

Garlic fries come with two apple slices at Husky Stadium. (Amy Wong / The Seattle Times)

You really can never go wrong with garlic fries. Even though $8.50 can seem like quite a bit to shell out for fries, portioned out, it’s enough to share between two to three people. The garlic can be a bit overwhelming at times though, so choose your bites carefully. And a few slices of apple at the end are a good palate cleanser and breath refresher. Although both of us could taste garlic for hours afterward …

The bad

When we ordered nachos ($5.75), the cashier very gracefully doused a basket of tortilla chips in a neon-yellow goop that came out of a machine and handed it to us. We decided to not think about that too deeply. If you want a spicy kick, they have self-serve jalapeños, which you can add to your heart’s desire.

A Bavarian pretzel from Husky Stadium. (Amy Wong / The Seattle Times)

A Bavarian pretzel ($5.75) is a massive ordeal — measuring maybe 8 inches across — and it comes completely unsalted. It does have a soft and chewy texture, but in terms of flavor, there isn’t much. Due to its complete lack of salt, each bite of bread-like pretzel really makes you contemplate all the carbs you’re eating. You can order a cup of dipping cheese, but that’s an extra $2, which we found wildly egregious. If you’re looking for a deal, maybe order some nachos and coerce the cashier to give you a little extra cheese on top, which you could also use for your pretzel.


The ugly

A plain hot dog at Husky Stadium. (Amy Wong / The Seattle Times)

While we were excited to find a bare-bones hot dog for just $6, that feeling quickly dwindled when we saw the cashier pull the hot dog out from under the counter. How long was it down there? What kind of hot dog holding contraption do they have? Husky Stadium offers a variety of more gourmet hot dogs with different toppings at several stands around the stadium (typically priced at $8 or more) and after we tasted this “bargain” one, we would suggest trying your luck with those. Our beef with this hot dog was that, well, it didn’t taste like beef.  Sure, hot dogs are by no means fancy food, but if Costco can roll out a solid hot dog (and drink!) for $1.50, Husky Stadium could do a little better. We spent a few minutes trying to figure out what it tasted like, because with its sweet flavor, dry bun and plastic texture, it definitely did not taste like a hot dog.

The “bargain” pretzel at Husky Stadium was also the saltiest thing we had ever seen. (Amy Wong / The Seattle Times)

After the expensive monster truck tire that was our unsalted Bavarian pretzel, we were excited to spy a $4.75 soft pretzel at the Gameday Grub stand on the main concourse. (Just 100 feet north of the Bavarian one, and a full $1 cheaper!) But well, we were disappointed again. This pretzel was cold, doughy and flavorless. Worst of all, it packed more salt than we thought a pretzel could ever have. This pretzel was saltier than Husky fans who stayed up til 1:30 a.m. to watch their team lose by one point to Cal. This pretzel was saltier than WSU has been for the past six years in a row that they’ve lost the Apple Cup. This pretzel was saltier than Jake Haener when he found out that Jacob Eason was picked as QB (OK, we kid! Haener was mostly graceful about the choice.) If you’re desperate for a soft pretzel, we’d recommend spending the extra dollar for the Bavarian pretzel, rather than for this salty nightmare.

The take-away

Overall, our main take-away is that if you want to enjoy cheap food at Husky Stadium, it might taste better if  you’ve had a few beers. Although, if you’re looking for alcohol, the only drinks in the stadium are priced between $8-$10. You’re probably better off shelling out a few more dollars for premium food items, or bringing your own from home.