Dear Amazon employees,

As you know, South Lake Union has lots of restaurants (my new favorite is Sizzle & Crunch, and my all-time favorite is Bar Harbor) and one million food trucks (my current favorite is… there are so many! Help!). The Seattle Times offices are here in the neighborhood, too, so I get excited about any and all new lunch options — for instance, when Kai Market opened.

This is so much bigger than that. This is an all-caps development in eating: DISTRICT H JUST OPENED IN SOUTH LAKE UNION. It’s on Denny, across from the Whole Foods (the official address is 101 Terry Avenue North; no website yet). District H is part of the incredibly great Korean supermarket chain H Mart — the part with lots of grab-and-go food and also hot food stations with stuff like bibimbap, spicy grilled chicken and a bunch of kinds of mandu (Korean dumplings! Yay!). Plus an entire French bakery!? OUR LUNCH WORLD JUST GOT SO, SO MUCH BETTER.


I went immediately to District H last night and ate kimchi dumplings — four big ones for $8.99, definitely enough for lunch, plump beauties steamed hot to order — actually spicy, as in your mouth will tingle. After losing my mind at the Tous les Jours bakery selection, I also ate an escargot pastry — $3.25, a classic snail-shaped French one with raisins and pastry cream in its whorls (no actual escargot involved), fresh-baked on-site, glossy and gorgeous, totally legit.

District H’s grab-and-go section is pretty boggling, too: jap chae, kalbi rice bowls, kimchi pancakes, all kinds of croquettes, fritters, other sundry fried delights, more, more, MORE. Plus poke and sushi to rival Kai Market’s!

In the grocery section of District H: a small but impressive selection of tropical fruit. (Bethany Jean Clement / The Seattle Times)

Then there’s also an entire small grocery store with a selection of fresh noodles that might make your head explode, ditto so many kinds of frozen dumplings, plenty of kimchi, a decent veggie section (including a huge pile of fresh ginger), a small but beautiful assortment of tropical fruit, more, more, MORE. If, like me, you were just on the cusp of heading to the U-District’s mini version of H Mart for a new bottle of the Korean red pepper powder that chef Rachel Yang loves, because, like me, you put it on everything, well, you can get that here too.

This is seriously going to challenge your affection for Whole Foods.


FWIW, another H Mart is supposed to open downtown at Second and Pine very soon.

But this is NOW — the South Lake Union District H officially opened yesterday. This is so happy-making. See you there!


P.S. Will you email me about your favorite S.L.U. food truck? I really do need help. If you’re the first one to name it, I’ll buy you lunch there while you tell me what you love about it! Thanks!