Just two months after the opening of the mammoth Sodo branch, an announcement that Seattle's most famous sandwich shop is coming to party central on Pike/Pine.

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A third branch of the crazy-popular Seattle sandwich spot with the checkered past is on its way to the thick of the Pike/Pine party scene, according to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. The new Paseo will be in the former Pike Street Fish Fry spot, on 10th off Pike, ensconced in the side of the club Neumos. This opening will follow that of a comparatively mammoth Paseo that debuted in Sodo in July; the one in Fremont is the original.

Or is it? In case you’re new to town (or you’ve been living under a rock), the saga of Paseo is a complicated one. After 21 years in Fremont, with a second Shilshole location open for six years as well, the 2014 shutdown and bankruptcy of Seattle’s most-famous-ever sandwich purveyor caused a major uproar. Then a new owner, Ryan Santwire, reopened the Fremont shop, rehiring former Paseo workers to help reverse-engineer the recipes. Then the sons of the original Paseo owner opened their own sandwich shop, Un Bien, in Ballard/Phinney Ridge, not far away. Then, this spring, the sons-of-Paseo opened another branch of Un Bien in Shilshole — in the same spot where, confusingly, the first-time-around second branch of Paseo used to be.

So which is better: Paseo or Un Bien? Depends on who you ask (and what you like in a sandwich).