The weekend brunch deal at the border-of-Fremont-and-Wallingford favorite offers all kinds of sweet and savory treats, with a theme that changes monthly.

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Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi’s restaurant Joule isn’t one of Seattle’s newest — they opened it in a much smaller location back in 2007, and they now have two more spots — but it is one of our best. Korean flavors are an emphasis, but Joule’s tastes definitely roam, as with their popular rice cake, now served nice and spicy with chorizo and pickled mustard greens. The menu’s united by thoughtfulness and technique, and everything sounds so good, it’s smart to bring a bunch of people and order lots of stuff to share. Still, it’s easy to run up quite a bill.

But what if you could go to Joule and try, say, 10 things? What if you could have as much as you wanted of all of them? Welcome to what might be the world’s best brunch buffet, served in Joule’s airy, contemporary space every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The regular menu: Brunch at Joule means special takes on old favorites, e.g., Singapore-style kaya French toast served with garam masala cherry compote and cocoa nib crumble, or ginger-accented shrimp and grits topped with bits of Chinese sausage. Or you might opt for a brunch bao, made with honey-miso dough filled with chorizo and apple kimchi. Then there’s …

The brunch buffet: Each month features the cuisine of a new country, roving around the world, and it’s a serious spread — up to a dozen dishes to choose from. But why choose when you can have a little of everything? October’s theme is England, and lest your mind go to ye olden places, it’s a merry, modern and inclusive take. Think: an appetizer of super-crisply-thin tomato chutney crackers with a fabulous tikka masala dip; deconstructed bangers and mash, the former Chinese-style, the latter a delicate cauliflower mousse; rich Dorset apple cake; meatless makhani shepherd’s pie. It’s all way better looking than buffet food has the right to be, as with the individual-serving spoonfuls of Joule’s take on Eton mess, made with Earl Grey mousse and blood-orange jam. Bonus: Many of the dishes are gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, and absolutely just as delicious for it.

The deal: The $19 cost sounds steep, but it gets you one brunch entree plus all-you-can-eat access to the buffet. (Kids can get a two-egg scramble, toast and jam, and the buffet for $10, BTW.) Or you can order an entree a la carte, but that’s $14, and you definitely want the buffet. But there’s one thing the menu isn’t telling you …

Pro tip: Just the buffet is also $14 per person — ask your server — and you’ll really want all your stomach space to fill up on its glories.



Brunch Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m.-2 p.m., 3506 Stone Way N. (Fremont/Wallingford), Seattle; 206-632-5685;