Asked & Answered: A reader seeks the best bars and restaurants with crackling fires — indoor, outdoor, logs or gas, the coziest spots in town. We’ve got recommendations.

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It’s been cold outside lately — what’s a festive reveler to do? On Facebook, my friend Ashley recently asked:

Fun question for you (hopefully!): My sister is looking for bars and restaurants in Seattle that have fire/fireplaces. Indoor, outdoor, crackling logs or gas — it would be neat to have a list of the coziest spots in town!!!

I responded, pyromaniacally: FIRE FIRE FIRE! Love it. Off the top of my head: For cozy, classic and classy sitting-and-drinking, there’s the Polar Bar at the Arctic Club Hotel’s lobby and the Fireside Room at the Hotel Sorrento. For restaurant outdoor fire pits suitable for a standing-around cocktail (when it’s not raining!), try Joule, Manolin and/or Westward (be sure to call ahead to ensure they’re happening, though, if your heart’s set on it). Barwise, there’s out back at friendly Lorettas Northwesterner (which also has a hamburger of renown), weird/upscale-ish deck fireplace action at Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails, and splendid gay/patio fireplace action at Pony


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Ashley noted that she and her sister had already thought of the outdoor fire pits at Perihelion. Other Facebook friends chimed in: “Quality Athletics keeps their fire pits roaring, no matter the weather.” Todd asked: “ Do those fire vortex tornado things count? In the glass boxes? … Diesel (the bar) has them and they freak me out!” Someone gave a shout-out to the Shed at the Anderson School in Bothell, with fireplaces both inside and out. “Red Onion in Madison Park!” was another shout. Also recommended: the rooftop fire pits at the Nest, the tabletop fires on Poquitos’ (fully enclosed) patio, Uber Tavern’s small gas fire pit (“and really nice beer”) and the fireplace at Saltoro.

Warm and cozy holiday happiness to Ashley, her sister, and everyone!



(Edits have been made for clarity or because I thought of even more stuff to recommend!)