A Seattle star chef wins a coveted place on respected critic Bill Addison's annual nationwide list.

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Seattle chef Edouardo Jordan just got another big-time accolade to add to a growing pile: His JuneBaby has been named one of Eater’s 12 best new restaurants in the country. In his recent rave review — entitled, glowingly, “America’s Next Great Southern Restaurant Is in the Pacific Northwest” — Eater critic Bill Addison calls Jordan “one of the most accomplished and farseeing chefs cooking Southern food in America.” Jordan is lauded for his “bull’s-eye aim between tradition and modernity — and between homeyness and professional rigor — infused elegantly with the flavors of his African-American heritage” and much, much more, with Addison unpacking Jordan’s background and desire to be known “as a great chef, not as a great black chef or a great soul food chef.”

Jordan’s greatness as a chef does not seem open to question at this juncture. He started his first restaurant, Salare, in June 2015 — it made Eater’s best new restaurants list last year. He was featured in a 2016 story in the New York Times. He earned as spot as a semifinalist for a 2017 James Beard Award. He was named one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs 2016.

This year’s Eater list shows admirable breadth. As Addison says, it ranges “from a reincarnated French-Continental showstopper in New York and a stunning Southern restaurant in Seattle [that’s our JuneBaby!] to a game-changing New Orleans sandwich shop and a Minneapolis community haven serving both pizzas and Asian small plates.” (A place it doesn’t range to this year: Portland, Oregon.)

Congratulations to Jordan for this latest recognition.

(You should also read Lucky Peach’s interview with Jordan, “On Being Black in the Kitchen.” And here’s Jordan’s recipe for the Haitian condiment pikliz. And for cornbread dressing. Here are his feelings about Popeye’s [pro!]. And please allow me this I-told-you-so moment about Edouardo Jordan… thanks!)