Impress your guests with a well-made cocktail at home.

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Here are few tips on how to mix a perfect cocktail.

• When making mixed drinks, first add ice, then liquor and then your mixers.

• The average pour of alcohol is 1.5 ounces (or a “jigger”), but depending on your mixers and audience, it can go anywhere from 1 to 2.

• A new touch in cocktail bars is the addition of a “condiment tray” of small bottles filled with lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup and bitters — so your guests can adjust their drinks as they see fit.

• As a general rule, stir clear (or translucent) drinks; shake opaque ones.

• If you’re serving a drink on the rocks, larger cubes of ice are often appreciated, as they melt more slowly than shaved ice, diluting the drink less.

• Get to know the spirits you’re using; not all gins (or vodkas or whiskeys) are created equal, and some might do better with certain blends than others. For example, when making a sweeter cocktail like the Old-Fashioned or the Manhattan, you’ll want a stronger whiskey to give the drink backbone.