New developments on $15, a possible norovirus outbreak at Maggiano's Little Italy in Bellevue, what a food-safety lawyer's diet is like, and more food news from Seattle and beyond.

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1. $15 NEWS: The International Franchise Association is taking its complaint that Seattle’s $15 minimum-wage law discriminates against franchise owners to the Supreme Court for review. (The IFA previously lost an appeal before a federal appeals-court panel.)… Republican State Senator Michael Baumgartner of Spokane has introduced what he’s calling a “Seattle quarantine” bill to prevent other city councils in Washington from making new rules like Seattle’s $15 minimum wage, sick leave and the like. (A response from Working Washington notes that meanwhile in Seattle, “the local economy is booming: the city is growing, unemployment is near record lows, restaurants are opening at a torrid pace.”)… And after a minimum-wage investigation by the city’s new Office of Labor Standards, Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop agreed to a settlement including $1,928 in back wages for workers (Homegrown has not returned a call for comment).

2. SHUT DOWN: The King County health department has shut down Maggiano’s Little Italy in Bellevue while an investigation into a suspected norovirus outbreak is conducted. As many as 50 people who attended a private party on January 18 may have been sickened.

3. THANKS BUT NO THANKS: The country’s preeminent food-safety lawyer — Bill Marler, right here in Seattle — shared the six foods he won’t eat (and a “surprising” one that he will). No less-than-well-done meat, no real Caesar salad, no oysters on the half-shell: It sounds like a slightly safer life and a much sorrier one.

4. LOTS OF LOCAL GREATNESS: Edouardo Jordan and his acclaimed Ravenna restaurant Salare just got top mention in The New York Times story “A Belle Époque for African-American Cooking“… Seattle restaurateur/entrepreneur Max Borthwick and his mom Toi Borthwick (you may remember their upscale, downtown Thai place, Toi) just launched Thaifusions, a line of Thai sauces and curries available at Williams-Sonoma … Also in The New York Times recently: Oregon’s Seely Mint (their peppermint patties kick York’s butt) and, ICYMI, Donna Moodie’s Miss Marjorie’s Steel Drum Plantains (reportedly really good).

5. NATIONAL FOOD NEWS: President Obama can jump the huge line at Austin’s famous Franklin BBQ, but Kanye cannot … Troubled Chipotle is now facing a sex discrimination suit in Cincinnati… And Seattle’s own Jason Stratton got told to pack his knives on last week’s “Top Chef,” but if anyone can stage a “Last Chance Kitchen” comeback, he can.

COMING SOON: Four — yes, four — new restaurants from Josh Henderson/the Huxley Wallace Collective; a dairy-free ice cream shop from Juicebox and Hot Cakes called Frankie and Jo’s; a bar run by/next to Stateside; and, as previously noted, Mean Sandwich and a second Paseo.

NOW CLOSED: Seattle’s well-reviewed Tanglewood Supreme in Magnolia has closed after just a couple years; the current chef is departing and the owners want to spend more time with family.

FOOD EVENTS: Amuse your bouche.