How's Ivar's Salmon House doing after its early adoption of $15 an hour? Which Anthony Bourdain favorite has some health department problems? What's up with Meander's Kitchen? And more.

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1. THIS WEEK’S $15 NEWS: And lots of it. First off, Ivar’s Salmon House is making more money than ever after its early adoption of the $15 minimum wage, as are its workers, and even the customers seem to like it — some are still tipping, on top of the 21 percent menu-price increase. Up on Capitol Hill, Jerry Traunfeld opened his Szechuan restaurant Lionhead (which is likely to be excellent) with no tipping, right from the get-go. When the second Bar Ferdn’and (which is also likely to be excellent) opens not far away in the not-too-distant future, it’ll also incorporate wages into the menu prices, with no tipping, Matt Dillon tells me. Meanwhile, Working Washington reports with relish that Coastal Kitchen and Mioposto owner Jeremy Hardy is opening another restaurant in Seattle — this Saturday, in fact — after saying many things quite to the contrary (and even invoking Chicken Little). Then there’s the Dunkin’ Donuts CEO who’s arguing against $15… who makes about $49K/hour. And the Seattle pizza place that closed blaming $15 minimum wage will be replaced by… a pizza place. And scene. (For now.)

2. MORE BOURDAIN: He was just here last week, and now one of his Seattle favorites has been shut down by the health department: Rainier BBQ. Its special separate menu features stuff like cobra, alligator and duck tongue. On Facebook, Rainier BBQ cheerfully says it’s only the deli part that’s closed and that they’re working on reopening. I bet Tony would go back in a heartbeat. You can find out when they reopen here.

3. STRANGE HAPPENINGS: White Center breakfast favorite Meander’s Kitchen underwent a “change in management” with King County Sheriff’s deputies present last weekend…?! But never fear: They’re still open. Their Facebook hints at more details (including, apparently, some money that went missing).

4. BON APPETIT GIVES PROPS: Seattle’s Damn the Weather, Manolin and Trove all earned spots on Bon Appetit’s list of the 50 best new restaurants in the U.S. Of course, it’s part of a roll-out to what will ultimately be a top-10, released on August 18 — the appetite for listicles must be fed! Commence speculation on which of them might make it (there are good reasons for all three). Big congrats anyway, and also to Portland’s Kachka and Milk Glass Mrkt, which made the list.

5. CATFISH CORNER IS BACK: It’s now called Jackson’s Catfish Corner, it’s down on Rainier, and it’s every bit as great as it used to be. And it might be returning to the CD! (Also, Rosie and Woody Jackson are the nicest people ever to grace this earth, and I want to move to Anacortes to live with them. Preferably in their house. With their deep-fryer.) Here’s the whole story.

NOW OPEN: Orfeo in Belltown, Brileys BBQ & Grill in Lake Forest Park, Little Oddfellows at Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill, Feed Co. Burgers in Redmond. NOW CLOSED: Hommage near Fremont (with some mystery). EVENTS: Amuse your bouche.