Manolin makes an important top-10, Vice magazine tours the town, some dubious data on $15 and more.

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1. MANOLIN WIN: The alums from Renee Erickson’s restaurants who started Manolin on Stone Way this past December have reason to celebrate — their place has just been named one of Bon Appétit’s top-10 new restaurants. Here’s a little more, with lovely photographs (including of chef Alex Barkley) and a recipe for Manolin’s seared halibut with mole (scroll all the way down). Condolences to Portland — none of its restaurants made the final list. (Here’s Providence Cicero’s review from April 2015.)

2. VICE VISITS SEATTLE: Vice magazine’s Munchies video series kicked off its Guide to Washington this week with host Tarik Abdullah, and the first episode is charming. Well, okay, it starts off overly Vice-y with a stop at a bikini barista stand, but after that it’s a sweet-hearted look at some Seattle classics — with Abdullah cooking his own fish-‘n’-chips at Ivar’s, nerding out on coffee at Victrola, sharing teriyaki with some homeless guys in the U-District and eating at the Broadway Dick’s (where he used to work). More episodes are up, too.

3. IN $15 NEWS: Opponents of Seattle’s $15-an-hour minimum wage haven’t given up. The American Enterprise Institute — one of the think tanks that jumped on the bandwagon of attributing restaurant closures to $15 back in March, before that was thoroughly debunked — has issued a report blaming job losses on $15. And now that’s been thoroughly debunked. More, doubtless, to come.

4. GASTROPOD IS CLOSING: You have until September 11 to visit Travis Kukull’s tiny, excellent Gastropod in Sodo. He’d planned to keep running it while also opening his new South Lake Union restaurant, Mollusk, this fall, but he’s decided it makes more sense to focus on the new. And fans of Gastropod partner Epic Ales, never fear: It’ll move and keep brewing in SLU, too.

5. VILLA ESCONDIDA RETURNS: Remember when we put this place on Broadway in our top-10 cheap eats for the new year? And then it closed almost immediately because of a landlord issue? Well, family-run Villa Escondida is back and it’s in Belltown, right where dive-bar favorite the Frontier Room used to be (before it was a mediocre barbecue place). FYI, happy hour’s from 3 to 6 p.m., and there’s a deck.

NOW OPEN: Villa Escondida in Belltown (hooray! See above), Wann Yen in the U-District (frozen treats from the beloved Thai Curry Simple people), Suga in Fremont (from a Benihana owner, where Dot’s used to be, sigh), Windy City Pie on Capitol Hill (delivery-only Chicago-style pizza), Nutty Squirrel Gelato on Phinney Ridge, Rooftop Brewing Co. on Queen Anne.

COMING SOON: Shiro’s new spot in Pike Place Market (estimated for October, and yay!), Super Six in Columbia City (September), Madrona Arms in Madrona (September), Queen Bee Crumpets on Queen Anne (September), Kukai Ramen in West Seattle (TBA).

EVENTS: Amuse your bouche.