The dining-out promotion bonanza known as Seattle Restaurant Week is back for fall 2019, running from Oct. 27 to Nov. 7, Sundays through Thursdays only. With 165-plus places in the Seattle area offering special three-course set menus for $35 (and some offering two-course $20 lunches, Mondays through Thursdays only), decisions can be tough. (The Seattle Times is a sponsor.)

Yup, Seattle’s restaurants have gotten noisier. How to reverse this trend? We’re all ears.

Perhaps you would like to actually be able to hear your companion(s) talk — and yourself think. Following are some best choices for dining on the quieter side for SRW this time around (and it doesn’t hurt to mention that you’d very much appreciate a quiet table, please, when making your reservation). Note, too, that there’s some overlap with our choices for best ambience and best overall value, too, if you’re the cross-referencing type.

Pro tips: Preview all the options at, and do a price comparison between the SRW menu available there and the restaurant’s regular menu. Be sure to make reservations, as many of these restaurants get very busy for SRW. And remember to tip well — it’s difficult for some places to staff up sufficiently for the mobs, so have a heart if your server seems harried.

10 quietest restaurants for Seattle Restaurant Week

  • Andaluca
  • AQUA
  • Blueacre
  • Chan
  • El Gaucho Bellevue and Seattle
  • Il Bistro
  • Maximilien
  • Nell’s
  • Palisade
  • San Fermo