News of the demise of 10 Seattle-area restaurants has reached us since our most recent tally last month — but in that same amount of time, we’re counting 20 restaurant openings in Seattle alone, plus more on the Eastside. Onward and sideways, and first, a look at five places in the closed/not closed category.


After a major fire in Ballard last month, Puerto Rican standby La Isla and neighborhood favorite Pho Big Bowl are temporarily closed, along with beloved (and nearly half a century old!) kitchen shop Kitchen N Things. But the local love is strong: The Ballard Fire Business Relief Fund on GoFundMe, set up to help bridge gaps between insurance coverage and reality for these and the other small businesses damaged, has raised $84,637 of the $85,000 goal at this writing. Watch for the comebacks — and meanwhile, the branch of La Isla in Redmond remains open.

And in Pioneer Square, lovely, low-key hangout Bad Bishop Bar has shut down for repairs after a water pipe burst upstairs. They’re looking on the bright side on Facebook, saying they’re happy to be getting a major kitchen overhaul, “along with some much needed rest after a crazy first year!” They hope to be back in business in February.


Yes, the long-lived Hi-Life inside the old Ballard firehouse shut down in September, but the same ownership has already reopened a new incarnation: an Italian-American restaurant called Valentinetti’s with puppet shows (!) coming in the new year.

And after 30 years, Duke’s Seafood in South Lake Union has moved one block north, to 1111 Fairview Ave. The second-floor dining room in the new space offers an even better lake view to go with the scrupulously sourced seafood that Duke Moscrip and son Jon ensure all seven of their restaurants serve. Also at the new location: a boat on the roof.


Dixie’s BBQ in Bellevue, famous for the super-spicy sauce known as “The Man” — and late owner Gene Porter, who strolled around serving the stuff — is no more. Almost a decade after Porter’s death, and after 25 years total in business, the family has closed the doors, according to the Bellevue Reporter. Best to them after a good, long run.


After just a matter of months, chef Eric Rivera’s Addo 206 inside Interbay’s Batch 206 Distillery has been replaced by Batch Bar & Cantina, “highlighting the flavors of Hispanic inspired cuisines from around the world.” Rivera’s various other enterprises, including Addo:Incubator and Lechoncito, carry on.

Almost three decades of dim sum have come to an end at Rainier Beach’s popular Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant, with a new development planned for the property. Fans may hold out hope, however, as the owners indicated on Facebook that relocation info would be forthcoming.

Willie’s Taste of Soul on Rainier Avenue South is no more. The barbecue began on Beacon Hill back in 1994; owner Willie Turner came here from Louisiana. “I put my heart and soul into what I do,” he told Plate of Nations this past spring. Now, the shop is for rent and Turner could not be reached — best to him.

East Trading Co. is done on Capitol Hill after little more than a year, with owner I-Miun Liu citing “multiple factors” for the closure, according to Seattle Met. Meanwhile, though, Liu’s temporary reclamation of the Dynasty Room, the beautifully classic dive bar in the Chinatown International District, has been extended through the end of January.

After what they’re calling “a very difficult 10 years,” Delicatus sandwich shop in Pioneer Square has called it quits, blaming “civic construction projects with zero support,” “our City government… often lumping small independent businesses in the same sweeping condemning statements directed at huge corporations,” “landlords whom have zero concern for tenant retention,” and a changing market that’s less supportive of “the uniqueness of our independent food operations.” Their location at Benaroya Hall, however, remains open.

Burger Addict has closed in Kirkland, with owner Marcus Olson saying, “The city imposed strict and changing conditions on us, which we spent a lot to work through, but when King County Health Department also changed their minds and gave us new criteria to meet to continue operating, it became too much.” His Auburn and Renton branches continue burger-business.


Lake City’s Korochka Tavern lost its lease after four years there, but the owners hope to move into a new space with the help of a GoFundMe effort — and so far, they’re calling “the amount of love and outreach that we have received… truly humbling.”

Ballard’s 418 Public House is gone eight years in, making way for yet another new development, according to My Ballard.

Cafe Solstice on Capitol Hill closed with a simple, sad note on the door: “Thank you all for your support and good times over the last five years.” The original University District location carries on.