If you can look at these ornate, velvet-embroidered boots and not want them on your feet immediately, you are a stronger person than I. (Because of their four-figure cost, they will remain far from my feet, but a writer can dream.) This purple-swathed footwear is part of a new collection with a doubly Northwest pedigree: It’s designed by Vancouver, B.C.-based shoe designer John Fluevog, inspired by the style of Seattle native and rock icon Jimi Hendrix. Created in collaboration with Hendrix’s sister, Janie Hendrix, the limited-edition capsule collection features boots, shoes and accessories with prices ranging from $219 to $1,249; available at John Fluevog Shoes stores and online. Fluevog, who opened his first Vancouver shoe store back in 1970, told The Vancouver Sun that he was a longtime fan of Hendrix’s music and style. This collection, he said, “is about keeping the funk in all of us alive.”