For last week’s Sunday Best, I asked what you thought of Oscar Isaac’s trompe-l’œil dress at the Met Gala, and I got far too many thoughtful and entertaining answers to put here. But I’ll share a few.

Some gave full support: “One reason it works is because it is actually very simple and ‘clean lines,’” Rebecca wrote. “I say, good for him!!!”

But there were more nuanced takes on this look. “Mr. Isaac’s ensemble seems very masculine to me. Black and white, stiff, and work boots,” a reader named Laura wrote. “It doesn’t seem very noteworthy to me from a gender-divide point of view, although I like its elegant design on its own.”

Others liked the spirit of the outfit, but not the execution. Mary Beth — who’s also obsessed with Isaac’s role in “Moon Knight” — compared it with Billy Porter’s far-more-fascinating ballgowns. “There’s no there there,” she wrote. “Couture should draw you in, entrance you.” Danielle said she loves seeing gender norms challenged but Isaac’s “skirt is too short to be sufficiently formal for the occasion.” Danielle wrote, “The short skirt (and exposed socks) feels unfinished and sloppy.”

One thing that united us all? We love Oscar Isaac, and we love gender-bending fashion.