In these prolonged No Red Carpet days, this is what award shows look like: a Zoomified version of “Hollywood Squares.” But I liked this screengrab from the Screen Actors Guild Awards last weekend for many reasons; not least of which were presenter Daveed Diggs’ excellently ornate blazer, the sartorial elegance of the Rose family from “Schitt’s Creek” (Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy and Catherine O’Hara are all present), the first-rate sleevage from Kaley Cuoco (hot pink) and Linda Cardellini (purple), and the I’m-not-dressing-up-it’s-only-the-SAGs vibe from Ramy Youssef and Jason Sudeikis. I guess we can thank Zoom for showing us all that in one picture? But I’m hoping for more from the Oscars, coming April 25.