Well, it’s been gray and wet in Seattle for approximately 1,000 days, so I thought you’d like to see a photo of the “Downton Abbey” gang in their tennis whites. This is a peek at “Downton Abbey: A New Era,” the new movie coming in March, and it’s just nice to see people who don’t look waterlogged, isn’t it? Warning: I initially got freaked out because I thought that was Lady Mary and Tom holding hands (or sort of holding hands; it’s kind of hard to tell what’s happening behind that tennis racket). Do note, however, that’s not Mary behind those sunglasses; it’s Lucy Smith (Tuppence Middleton), who we met in the previous “Downton Abbey” movie and who is a perfectly fine love interest for Tom (Allen Leech). But wouldn’t it have been fun to see Mary and Tom having a bit of a fling? Also in the picture are Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) and Bertie (Harry Hadden-Paton), who are presumably still together, so I guess the father of Edith’s child, supposedly dead in Germany, hasn’t turned up. YET. (Yes, I am still hanging on to this plot point. And yes, I have thought way too much about the “Downton Abbey” universe.) Anyway, the costumes are by Anna Robbins, who designed the previous movie and the last two seasons of the television series, and they look a treat. Is it March yet?