Bookish types like myself have been waiting with curiosity for the movie “Vita & Virginia,” which depicts the real-life literary love affair between author Virginia Woolf and socialite/writer Vita Sackville-West in 1920s London. (Written by Eileen Atkins, it’s an adaptation of her play of the same name.) It’s finally imminent — opening in New York on Aug. 23, and likely in the Seattle area a week or two later — so it seems right to take a peek at what it looks like. Here’s Elizabeth Debicki as Woolf and Gemma Arterton as Sackville-West, and what I love about this picture is that everything is so very decorated. Look at the two different prints Debicki is wearing, the elaborate drapes and pearls on Arterton, the pattern on the curtain, the mural on the wall, the needlepoint pillows, even the marbled cover on a notebook next to Woolf. It all looks very Bloomsbury, and just right. (Credit, by the way, goes to costume designer Lorna Mugan and production designer Noam Piper.) As for the movie, time will tell; hoping to see it soon.