Forgive me for talking about the Met Gala almost a full week after it was overshadowed by more important news, but I’m currently in the middle of “Moon Knight” on Disney+ and I’m a little obsessed with Oscar Isaac right now. 

Men in suits are often outshined by women at the Met Gala. But on Monday, it was Isaac’s filmmaker wife Elvira Lind who came in tails, and Isaac wore a trompe-l’œil white tie and tailcoat dress designed by Thom Browne. Stylist Michael Fisher called it a “role reversal,” according to Vanity Fair.

Isaac is far from the first man to don a dress at a gala — Billy Porter’s been doing it better than any celebrity for years — but just because you’re pushing at outdated gender norms doesn’t always mean it works. Even world-renowned heartthrob Harry Styles, who’s made headlines for donning flowy “feminine” clothing, has missed once or twice (spawning the Twitter joke that he’s fighting gender norms and the gender norms are winning).

Isaac’s outfit has stuck in my mind because I can’t decide whether it works. What do you think? Email me (and send me a photo of an outfit of yours that’s winning against gender norms!) at