The designer born Roy Halston Frowick had a brief but remarkable career; using only his middle name, he was the mastermind behind a massively successful line of sleek, clean-lined fashion in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. His story was told in a thoughtful documentary, “Halston,” two years ago; now it’s being told again, in a Netflix series starring Ewan McGregor and produced by Ryan Murphy. The five-episode series, which dropped on Netflix May 14, features costumes by designer Jeriana San Juan, inspired by Halston’s own work. Here’s McGregor in Halston’s own trademark black turtleneck and slacks, surrounded by red — a signature color for the designer that San Juan used as a focal point for the show. San Juan told the Hollywood Reporter that she was able to use a few vintage Halston originals in the series — and that she tracked down the designer’s tailor, who taught her how to make trousers with no side seam.