Arts critic and Sunday Best maven Moira Macdonald is out this week; please humor me as I clumsily fill her fabulous shoes.

The 63rd annual Grammy Awards were last Sunday, featuring performances from the biggest names in music and — much more importantly, depending on whom you ask — a badly needed dose of red carpet fashion. The hottest trend this year, of course: coronavirus-era masked fashion. Harry Styles, master of boas, masked up in a yellow plaid number that matched his Gucci coat; Taylor “Midsommar” Swift looked gorgeous, adorned in flowers from knees to nose; Megan Thee Stallion scorched screens with her elegant burnt-orange Dolce & Gabbana get-up; and her mentor, Beyoncé, reigning Queen of Grammys, did for masks what only she can do (not to mention her little black Schiaparelli dress). All four of these Grammy winners deserved an extra gramophone for their sartorial efforts — bravo!