Let’s begin 2020 with a swirl of Valentine-red tutus, shall we? Last month in this space, I wrote about the late Martin Pakledinaz’s wonderfully wacky costumes for Mark Morris’ “The Hard Nut”; this month, Pacific Northwest Ballet brings back his more traditional — but equally glorious — designs for “Cinderella,” choreographed by Kent Stowell. This production, last seen at PNB in 2012, features some of my favorite costumes ever seen on the company’s stage: painterly colors (there’s a breathtaking, full-length tutu in beautifully muddied greens and blues), ethereal sparkle (the fairy godmother, in lilac, seems to glow), and whimsical shapes (watch for the charming children’s ensemble, in pumpkin-orange with pea-pod hats). And oh, that red. “Cinderella” runs Jan. 31-Feb. 9; information at pnb.org. Happy New Year!