Being as there are no fashion shows or red-carpet premieres for the foreseeable future (and that I am confined to photos that exist in our archive, not ooh-what-was-that-dress-I-saw-in-a-movie-once), Sunday Best might be dipping into the Greatest Hits well now and then. But I’m excited to do so this week, as I loved this photo then (about two years ago) and now. This gown is made by the French designer Sylvie Facon, who makes fairy-tale garments from unusual materials: sheet music, violins, or, in this case, book bindings. The juxtaposition of the soft, burnished leather bindings with delicate metallic lace is so beautiful — and inspiring to those of us stuck at home thinking about taking up a craft, yes? If anyone, in these challenging times, finds themselves making a dress from materials lying around the house, please send photos. Godspeed.