You’re all in desperate need of a photo involving parasols and bonnets, am I right? Here we have Tamsin Greig (left) and Harriet Walter in “Belgravia,” the new miniseries from “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes currently airing on the EPIX channel or app. Based on Fellowes’ novel of the same name, the show begins in 1815 Brussels, just before the Battle of Waterloo, and then jumps to 1841 London, where two families — one titled and posh, one up-and-coming — find unexpected connection. (Yes, I’m being vague here, because if you’ve seen “Downton Abbey” you can guess what’s happening pretty quickly; where plots are concerned, Fellowes definitely has a type.) The elaborate Georgian and early Victorian costumes, designed by James Keast, are a treat; you can tell which of the two women is more moneyed by the tassels on the parasol.