I’ve been finding the performances in the second season of HBO’s “Big Little Lies” quite mesmerizing — not just by the cast, but also the costumes. Designed by Alix Friedberg (who won an Emmy Award for the Season 1 costumes), the clothing worn by the Monterey Five tells vivid stories. Here’s just one, on Renata (Laura Dern), who is of course wearing a sparkly halter, voluminous skirt and stilettos to perch on the stairs in her empty house and gaze at the horizon. Renata, who’s seen a reversal in her finances this season, is always the best-dressed woman in the room, and her clothes are always a little extra: a vast skirt, a peplum jacket, an oversized belt, an insanely expensive-looking flared tweed coat. Here, it’s as if she’s willing her life — and her wealth — to return to the way it was, by sheer force of fashion. We’ll get one more chance to gaze at Renata’s wardrobe– and Madeline’s, Celeste’s, Bonnie’s and Jane’s — in the series finale, airing July 21 on HBO.