You thought the ‘Ocean’s Eight’ cast looked stylish? Check out this gang.

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Add this one to my list of Movies I Want To Be Watching Right Now: “355,” a spy thriller starring the powerhouse quintet pictured — three of whom are Oscar winners — as a ring of international secret agents who bond together to thwart a common enemy. Its talented and extremely stylish cast posed for photos at the Cannes Film Festival last week, after the film’s announcement: (from left) Fan Bingbing, in a feather skirt and insane shoes; Marion Cotillard, in boots that are maybe not seasonally appropriate, but I am not about to argue with her; Jessica Chastain in a perfect day dress; Penélope Cruz looking like the embodiment of spring; Lupita Nyong’o in a chic black sundress (and boots, again, but she makes them work). And, of course, everyone’s sunglasses game is spot-on. The movie isn’t actually filmed yet, but consider me already in line.