Got anything in your closet that’s 40 years old? Bernadette Peters did, and she wore it to the Tony Awards last month. The Broadway star attended the event in this appropriately star-encrusted Bob Mackie gown, which she first wore for a magazine shoot in 1983. Peters and Mackie first met on the set of “The Carol Burnett Show,” where she was a frequent guest in the 1970s and he was costume designer, and he’s designed many gowns for her over the years. This one had been stored away in Peters’ apartment when Mackie suggested it for the Tonys. “It was just a couple pins here, a pin there. A little fluff there. A couple days later it was ready to wear. It was nothing,” the designer told InStyle magazine. Excuse me while I go see what’s hiding in the back of my closet. Probably nothing by Bob Mackie, but you never know.