If you couldn’t get “Hamilton” tickets when the show came to town two years ago, now’s your chance: A filmed version of the original Broadway production, featuring the original cast led by the show’s writer Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton, will stream on the Disney Plus service beginning July 3. (In a rare example of the coronavirus pandemic making something happen sooner, this was originally scheduled to be released in theaters in October 2021.) As we await July, let’s take a quick peek at the costumes, designed by Paul Tazewell. In a 2016 Los Angeles Times interview, Tazewell explained that his goal was to bridge the gap between the 18th-century characters and our world. To that end: The costumes were period from the neck down and modern from the neck up (the actors wore contemporary hairstyles, rather than wigs), and Tazewell’s research incorporated the 18th-century paintings of John Trumbull as well as the fashions of Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier and the satiric portraits of Kehinde Wiley. And he kept the costumes simple, stripping away extraneous 18th-century trimmings, to keep the emphasis on the story. (Oh, and those sleeveless military vests? Inspired, Tazewell said, by the muscular arms of the cast.)