I’m not currently a watcher of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” (it requires, alas, an Amazon Prime Video subscription, of which I’m not currently in possession), but I do keep hearing about how much fun it is — and, particularly, about the delightful 1950s/60s costumes created by Emmy Award-winning costume designer Donna Zakowska. Here’s Mrs. Maisel (played by Rachel Brosnahan) in the current third season, lounging in her very cute, matching swimsuit-and-hat-and-earrings-and-fingernails ensemble, as one does, perusing the latest Vogue. Thanks to technology, I have determined she’s reading the actual July 1960 edition of the magazine, and that the cover look was described in its pages, way back then, as “Organdie hat — an enlightened hair bow, really — all wingspread and freshness and monumental charm.” Indeed, and I love how Mrs. M’s look so playfully mirrors it.