One last word on the glorious outfits of the “Downton Abbey” movie — well, two last words. 1) It’s looking like there might be a sequel: Producer Gareth Neame, noting the movie’s strong performance at the box office, said in a recent interview that preliminary discussions are underway and “hopefully within the next year to two years, we will be making another one.” (This means I can spend more time developing my theory that Michael Gregson, the supposedly late father of Edith’s daughter, isn’t actually dead.) 2) I thought you might want to see these three gown/tiara combos again. My favorite fact about the movie’s costumes, lavishly designed by Anna Robbins: The breathtaking black-and-cream ballgown that Lady Mary (played by Michelle Dockery) is wearing in this photo was originally a vintage, knee-length dress. Robbins and her crew painstakingly added everything you see from the knees down: a new satin skirt and train, hand-beaded to match the top of the dress. If you look closely, you can see the seam in this shot, though you’d never notice it when Mary is whirling on the dance floor. It’s a perfect marriage of old and new — rather like “Downton Abbey” itself.