As of this writing, I have not yet begun watching the third season of Netflix’s “The Crown,” which began streaming Nov. 17. But I’m anticipating great pleasures from it, due in no small part to the casting — and the accessorizing — evident in this picture. Helena Bonham Carter takes over the role of Princess Margaret from the excellent Vanessa Kirby (the entire show has been recast for the new season, due to the characters’ aging), and while the two actresses resemble each other not a whit, I suspect Bonham Carter will be perfection. (We’ll just assume that, in middle age, Margaret suddenly shrank a few inches.) Note, here, the perfect ’60s cat-eye liner, the delicacy but intricacy of the earrings, the foofy, navy explosion of a hat, the elegantly simple cigarette holder — and the I-am-a-princess-and-you’re-not expression. I wish we could see the whole outfit, but we probably don’t need to: the fun of Margaret, in this series, is that she always wears the right thing while doing the wrong thing. Bring it on.