Not every trend will turn out to be for every person, but it's still good to get out, try them on and stay in "the conversation," says a Seattle stylist. "You don't stop listening to new music just because you have old classics you still love."

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Ready to take off the fleece and put a little zing in your Spring, Seattle? Want to add a few pieces that are on trend but practical as well?
Then get out there and find yourself one perfect leather jacket, a pair of distressed jeans and something – anything! –  in that gorgeous nude-ish soft blush pink that’s everywhere this season.

All three trends are available at a variety of price points, are adaptable to people of all ages and sizes and are an excellent way to jazz up your wardrobe with a few pieces that make you feel great, according to Darcy Camden of Styled Seattle.

Camden, who’s been dressing Seattle-area residents for more than a decade, was recently among those who presented a fashion show at Macy’s introducing what she described as the season’s most practical trends and demonstrating how to pull them off.

Camden contends that the historical perception that our city has not been known for its fashion consciousness is not exactly correct. There are plenty of people here who do care about fashion, but they are not going to buy something just because it’s in a magazine or a celebrity is wearing it.

Pacific Northwesterners want their fashion practical, versatile and functional.

“We have high standards when it comes to function and that’s the challenge,” she said. “I have to help my clients understand how pieces might  integrate with what they already own and how they can get a lot of mileage out of it.” Camden said the three big trends she sees this season can be worn, in some manifestation, by just about anyone.

Distressed jeans, for example, with a higher waist and vintage styling can be worn by older folks as well as people of all sizes, she said, if they can find a piece that fits and feels great.

The trick is to try on a slew of styles and find one that works for you. How to tell if you’ve got a winner? Ask yourself: Can I wear this to work? On the weekend? Do I have shoes to go with it? Do I feel good?

“If you are scared to leave the dressing room or are not comfortable, then you want to try something else,” she said. Not every trend will turn out to be for every person, but it’s still good to get out, try them and stay in “the conversation.”

“You don’t stop listening to new music just because you have old classics you still love,” she said. In addition to a cute pair of frayed and patched jeans, Camden recommends looking for a leather motorcycle jacket, probably in black.

“A new leather jacket that fits well and that you love brings a lot to the table.”

Finally, Camden urges folks to take a look at the blush pink (with a hint of beige) that’s in the windows of a lot of stores right now.

The lovely color, dubbed Pale Dogwood by Pantone, feels almost like a neutral, is “seasonally appropriate and mixes well with the blacks, grays and the Navy blues that Seattle loves,” she said. “It looks great on everyone and mixes easily into the wardrobe you already have.”

For those who are fashion averse on principle, Camden says this: “We all have to wear clothes. Why not go for something that makes you feel fabulous?”