The designer will be in Bellevue for fashion week.

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Consider yourself warned: Rachel Zoe openly judges people by their clothing.

“I can tell a lot about a person by what they are wearing,” she told an interviewer recently.

Which is kind of the point, really, of fashion. It’s a way of expressing yourself, Zoe has said, “Without actually having to speak.”

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‘Fashionably Late,’ 10:30 p.m. Thursdays on Lifetime.

Zoe, who started as a stylist and went on to star in “The Rachel Zoe Project” then launch her own line, will be doing plenty of talking when she attends Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection. Zoe will host the Posh Party Trend Show and the Fashion Forecast the 10th Anniversary Fashion Week at The Bellevue Collection. (The Trend Show is sold out; the Fashion Forecast is free, but seating is limited).

Zoe, one of the early pioneers of vocal fry who captured delight in phrases like “I die” and “Bananas,” just started hosting a weekly talk show titled “Fashionably Late” for Lifetime. She answered a few questions via email in advance of her trip to the Great Northwest.

Q: What are your impressions of Seattle and its style? Does Seattle stand out in any way?

A: I love Seattle. It’s a really cool city. I feel like the style is classic and traditional yet bohemian.

Q: Name your three must-have pieces for fall and winter.

A: Suede or leather trousers. A really cozy oversized knit. I love a cape or poncho. Boots, for sure. A little ankle bootie or over-the-knee silhouette. Whatever you prefer.

Q: What are your biggest pet peeves in fashion? Things that you wish would go away, or things that you wish people would stop doing when it came to dressing?

A: Showing too much. I think it’s so much sexier to leave a little to the imagination. Acid-wash jeans and neon. I just wish that would go away.

Q: What was your proudest moment as a designer? When your line launched? When you were complimented by someone? When you saw one of your pieces being worn by someone in particular?

A: I think when I launched my collection because it was a lifelong dream of mine. Also designing and dressing Karolina Kurkova for the Met gala. That was an incredible moment for me.

Q: When you are styling someone, what are the first things you assess about the person? Say, if I were to ask for your help, what would you want to know about me?

A: I think a good starting point is simply asking about the general vibe they gravitate toward. Who their fashion icons are. Who they aspire to look like. What their dream outfit is. Do they have any favorite designers or are there any silhouettes that they generally love or hate? I also like to know whether they like to hide or show certain areas and how far out of their comfort zone they really want to go.

Q: Do you miss doing a reality show? I’m sure it helped increase your profile, but are there aspects of it that you’re glad to be rid of?

A: Having cameras around constantly can become tiring. It really makes you appreciate your personal space.

Q: What is the oldest piece of clothing that you have? Anything from your childhood?

A: I probably have the things I wore to prom somewhere. Tulle confections, for sure!