The Oscar winner rocked a curly afro that got people talking.

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Halle Berry’s hair was probably the most talked about red-carpet look at Sunday night’s Academy Awards. The Oscar winner, who usually sports a short, pixie haircut, caused a commotion on the red carpet with a curly afro that got mixed reviews, if Twitter is any indication. While many thought it was a wig, the star’s stylist says it was all natural.

“I would say I cut off at least 5 inches. It created a whole new shape. It’s definitely a new look for her—we went for a very natural, curly, powerful asymetrical ‘fro. This is something she’s never done before and it’s just ridiculous how good she looks,” her hairstylist told InStyle.

Was the new ‘do a homage to the late Whitney Houston? That’s what the Academy’s orchestra seemed to think. It played “I Will Always Love You” when the singer came on stage to present.

It’s impossible for Berry to look bad. Maybe people just need to get used to the new style.

“I have always marched to the beat to my own drum, and I think this red-carpet look encapsulates that,” Berry told Vogue. “The dress is glamorous with a sense of romance that made me feel feminine and fresh. With this look, I celebrate my natural hair by allowing it to be wild and free.”