A Q&A with Kate Hudson, after she and her athletic clothing brand Fabletics, opened a new store in Bellevue Square.

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Any day now, Kate Hudson is going to pop.

The actress (She had me at “We. Are not. Groupies,” as Penny Lane in “Almost Famous”) is about to give birth to her third child — her first girl. But in between putting together the nursery with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa and posting it all on Instagram, Hudson took the time to answer some questions about the new Bellevue Square location of Fabletics, the subscription leggings brand she launched five years ago.

The store, which opened last month, is the newest entry in Bellevue Square’s own Battle of the Bulge, where lululemon athletica, Athleta and Lucy @The North Face are already fighting to clothe the masses of spinning, stretching, sweating women in the greater Seattle area.

Hudson may be the face of the brand, but she’s not all over the new store, located — for better or for worse — directly across from Great State Burger. Her books (“Pretty Happy” and Pretty Fun”) grace a table set in a little corner where customers sip a pressed juice and charge their phones. Beyond that, Hudson would rather make herself known in the style and stretch of the leggings. And, apparently, she’s open to suggestions.

How many pairs of leggings do you have right now? And how many should your average woman have, in your opinion? 

I’m the wrong person to ask. I own a company that makes leggings! But as for how many leggings a woman should own, I think every closet should have one pair of dark solid leggings, one pair of light solid and one fun print.

How involved are you in the design of the Fabletics line? Is it just color, or do you have a say in where pockets are, or how many, or any of the other features?

I work closely with our Design team, from the collection concept and inspiration to actual wear-testing and product feedback. I meet with the team to concept the mood of a collection, select what colors, prints and patterns we want to feature, and then see the whole collection come to life. Wear-testing the product is really important to me because I want to make sure we give our customers the best fit possible, and that the pieces stand up to every day wear. I also love receiving feedback from our customers. Some of my favorite interactions with Fabletics customers is when they’re giving me feedback. In fact, our High-Waisted Legging stemmed from a customer who approached me a few years ago and asked why we didn’t have any high-waisted options. Now, it’s one of our bestsellers!

What have been some of your biggest complaints about athletic-wear before you got involved with Fabletics? What problems were you looking to solve?

We noticed that there was a void in the market for an activewear brand with a fashion point of view that was affordable, but also great quality. When we launched Fabletics, I wanted to create a community for all women to have access to living an active lifestyle, which includes being able to purchase high-quality activewear that is cute and affordable.

Talk about the new store. What makes it different and what did you HAVE to have there? 

It’s our 25th retail location in the US, and our first in the Pacific Northwest, so we’re really excited to be unveiling our new flagship including a new store concept. It’s completely redesigned.  We blended innovative tech features with beautiful, organic textures and natural elements to create that warm and inviting space. We also wanted to make the store experience interactive, so we incorporated some fun elements like our “Kick Butt, Look Cute, Repeat” sign and a statement wall for Instagram posts. Customers can also sit and relax in our new lounge area while charging their phones and enjoying a beverage.

Do you have any relationship with the Seattle area? Have you ever filmed or visited here?

The closest relationship I have with Seattle is the music that has come out of there, and might I say, it’s some pretty fine music!

What Fabletics styles have you been wearing throughout your pregnancy?

I have been living in our Maj Pant and Cashel Leggings. The foldable waistband on both of these styles are a must for me right now. I also love our Zoe High-Support sports bra. It’s super supportive, but still cute.