Readers rant about obscene gesture by kids, stealing military medals, “Pike’s Market,” unleashed dogs, stolen Yorkie magnet; rave about freeway help, parking spot paid, trail leash-law signs.

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RANT To the driver who changed lanes in the middle of a busy intersection and when several drivers honked, he stuck his hand out the window and made an obscene gesture, and then the kids in his car all made the same gesture. #EpicParentingFAIL.

RAVE To the good Samaritan who saw us walking on the freeway with our luggage looking for help after our car hit a tire on our way to the airport. He pulled over and said “Get in, I’ll take you.” We’re forever grateful.

RANT To the scum who broke into our son’s house and stole, among other things, his military medals and dress uniform. What possible benefit can you get from these irreplaceable items? You’ll eventually get what you deserve.

RAVE I’m in a concert band and was on my way to play at a graduation at KeyArena when I pulled into a pay parking space and realized I’d forgotten my wallet. I was too far from home to go back and was thinking who to call for help when a woman in an SUV asked what was wrong. She said “I’ve got this” and paid for my spot. I said “give me your address and I’ll mail you $20,” but she said “no way.” Then another woman with her said “Here’s $20 for lunch.” She wouldn’t open her hand to take it back when I said I really didn’t need it. I’ll definitely pay it forward!

RANT It’s the Public Market, or the Pike Place Market or simply The Market. There is NO SUCH THING as “Pike’s Market.” If you’re using that term, you’re still a tourist!

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the city of Federal Way for putting up signs along the BPA Trail reminding users it’s the law that dogs must be on a leash. Rant to dog owners who let their dogs roam the trails unleashed or keep them off leash until they see another person. As a runner, dog owners often don’t see me until after their dog has started to jump on or paw at me. I’ve been bitten by dogs whose owners say they are “friendly.” I’ve been told to “relax” after reminding a dog owner of the leash law while his dog was jumping on me. Really? Just keep your dogs on a leash!

RANT To the two teen boys who jumped out of their car at a red light in very busy traffic and ran over to steal my Yorkie magnet off my car’s rear bumper. So wrong, stupid and dangerous.

RANT To the road-rage driver who threw a drink at my car. Get some help with your anger issues!