Readers rave about good Samaritans who helped a mother of small children when she was locked out of her car; rant about the hydro races not being shown on TV.

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RAVE To the young couple at the Mariners game for making a memorable night magical for my 8-year-old son. All evening, he excitedly hoped to catch a foul ball. As we turned to leave after the last pitch, they presented him with a ball in a plastic case. This random act of kindness holds a place of honor on his shelf and so inspired his mama! Thank you!

RANT Why aren’t the Seafair Hydroplane races going to be broadcast live this year? Hydro racing was our first major sport in the city and state. I hope one of the TV stations changes their minds about this for the millions of us hydro fans.

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RAVE To the two men who worked tirelessly to help our daughter when she was locked out of her vehicle. It was hot, she was parked in a ferry waiting zone so was at risk of being towed, and she was stranded with a toddler and twin infants. Their perseverance helped create sympathy and extra patience from the parking enforcement officers until the locksmith arrived. Thank you!

RANT To all the able-bodied people riding electric bicycles and other motorized vehicles on public paths designed for use only by pedestrians and human-powered vehicles. I increasingly see these things zipping around Green Lake, the Burke-Gilman Trail, etc., and it’s clear that the speed these toys can attain isn’t compatible with other modes of transportation. Motorized vehicles should be excluded from use of these paths, with the exception of electric wheelchairs.

RAVE To the generous hikers on Denny Creek Trail who stopped to help me with my young son, who was screaming in pain from a nasty splinter in his foot. Many offered their sympathy, one left a bandage, another left tweezers, and finally a doctor stopped to help expertly extract the splinter and pass out chocolates. She was our hero and we happily carried on to the falls.

RANT To all of the mayoral campaign signs that have been placed in the roadway medians. In particular, Lake City Way in Lake City. Is this not a violation? If you can’t follow the campaign rules, what rules will you not follow if elected mayor? Please remove these eyesores and driving distractions.

RAVE After my recent 18-month checkup following the miraculous gift of a kidney and pancreas with the wonderful doctors and staff who saved my life, I left my phone somewhere in the hospital. A rave to the good-hearted soul who turned my phone in to hospital security, along with a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to my dear friends who pick me up, drive me around and have spoiled me during this entire transplant journey!