Sketched Feb. 28, 2020

The new aerial walkway under construction at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport stands so high off the ground that jets can pass underneath. Airport spokesperson Perry Cooper, who waited patiently as I sketched, said the 780-foot-long pedestrian corridor is the world’s longest structure over an active taxi lane. That’s longer than the Space Needle tipped over sideways!

The new walkway connecting the South Satellite terminal and the new International Arrivals Facility, which is scheduled to open in the fall, should make arriving to Seattle from an overseas trip a much more pleasant experience.

Instead of being trapped in the windowless belly of the South Satellite building as you and your luggage clear customs, you will walk onto this elevated passage even before you see an immigration official. The view of Mount Rainier on a clear day will surely impress newcomers and delight those returning home.