Sketched Feb. 26, 2019

If I lived or worked closer to the Chinatown International District, I’d have trouble staying away from the Uwajimaya food court. Especially from Beard Papa’s bakery and its delicious cream puffs.

The name of the pastry couldn’t be any better to describe the soft explosion of sweet taste that happens in your mouth when you bite into the confection. When the vanilla custard breaks free from its crunchy shell, you thank the baking gods and whoever opened this Beard Papa’s franchise — the international chain, founded in Osaka in 1999, only has one other location in the Seattle area, at H Mart in Lynnwood.

The baker on duty the day I made this sketch said they prepare between 120 to 200 cream puffs daily. The pastry shells are baked on trays a dozen at a time and individually filled with the secret recipe of vanilla custard when you order. Since I had not had a cream puff in ages, I went with the “éclair,” which is covered with hot chocolate and powdered sugar. (Don’t ask how many calories it has, the answer is “a lot.”)

Although I usually don’t sketch food — I rather eat it right away!— my éclair looked so good after my first bite, that I couldn’t resist making a drawing to tell you all about it.