This Nutella-like topping can be spread on anything and everything. It’s made with cannabis-infused coconut oil.

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Despite being raised with a fair bit of Southern European influence, I never tried Nutella until my late childhood. Once I did, I was hooked. When I grew into adulthood and it became acceptable to admit to eating it by the spoonful, I rejoiced.

Being a grownup also allows me to spike one of my favorite flavors with weed — so let’s dive into the specifics.

Making a nut spread from scratch is a task for only those with the proper hardware. If a Vitamix is a little out of your price range, there are two ways you can hack this at home, and save a bit of excess washing up after. Choose between powdered peanut butter for a less-caloric choice or a store-bought nut butter to skip the most labor-intensive and messy part of the affair. Either way, you’re adding the same things to make it chocolate and lifting.

Homemade chocolate nut spread

Yield: 12 ounces prepared butter, estimated 7-8mg THC per tablespoon

1 cup nut butter or peanut butter powder

1 ounce cannabis infused coconut oil*

¼ cup powdered sugar

¼ cup cocoa powder

If you’re using peanut butter powder, it’s had the fat completely removed. This means you can control how much oil you want to use to get it spreadable again, and can omit some of the sugar if you want to make even more healthy.

Simply mix dry ingredients and drizzle in the coconut oil. Then stir until completely mixed. You may need to add more oil, which can be either infused or not depending on your preference.

Mix the dry ingredients well so that they are ready to get saturated with the nut butter and cannabis oil.

If you’re using nut butters, soften the nut butter in a microwave-safe container in short bursts, but don’t overheat. Combine with dry ingredients and cannabis oil. Store in clean jars for up to a week in the refrigerator, or three months in the freezer.

*Cannabis-infused coconut oil

Decarboxylate 3.5g of finely ground cannabis at 225 degrees for 20 minutes in a tightly sealed, oven-safe container.

Put cannabis in lidded mason jar or vacuum-sealed bag with cannabis and 4 ounces of coconut oil. Heat in water bath just under boiling for at least one hour. Strain and chill to use in recipes.

Spread on toast, croissants, pancakes or any sweets — it will brighten up your morning and your afternoon, too. Having a spoonful in coffee or on ice cream is also a tasty way to medicate.


This recipe is courtesy of The Fresh Toast, a lifestyle/entertainment site with a side of cannabis. The Seattle Times is running occasional light lifestyle items from this site. For related recipes, news, features and pop culture, visit The Fresh Toast.