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Best Date/Worst Date

We asked readers to submit stories about the best, worst and weirdest dates they’ve been on. Here’s what they said.

WORST: “I had met a 20-year-old guy at a department store looking at records (it was the ’80s), and was delighted to see that he was as much into rockabilly as I was.

I visited him a couple of times, and we’d smooch to old Elvis movies while his mom was at work. I was in high school, and he was unemployed due to an allergic reaction that made his bakery apprenticeship impossible.


He took me out for a stroll in my hometown, and he decided we’d have lunch at a romantic Italian restaurant. I knew he didn’t have much money and although my allowance was meager, money (or lack thereof) was never important. I protested, but he kept insisting on paying for our meal. I ordered the cheapest personal-size pizza available. He ordered … nothing! He asked the waiter to cut the pizza in half and serve it on two plates. Embarrassing!! Pretty sure he didn’t tip either. I broke it off shortly after.”


BEST: “I met him 25-plus years ago on a double-decker tour bus in London. He had an extra ticket to the musical ‘Cats.’ He sent a dozen red roses to me in Seattle; I’d lost his number but managed to track him down to thank him. He came across the country to visit for a weekend; skiing at Stevens Pass, back to Seattle for dinner at the Space Needle, followed by a show at Seattle Rep. He was sweet and handsome, but the London spark had burned out by Seattle and we lost touch. But what an amazing first and second date!”


WORST: “The mother of a childhood friend arranged a blind date for me with her younger co-worker. She said he was funny and nice at work and thought there might be a good fit.

Unfortunately, things started out odd and only went downhill from there. During the call to arrange details, his mother picked up the phone and said this 30-something-year-old needed to end the call because it was too late in the evening to speak. (It was 9 p.m.) We met at the Space Needle for dinner. We were both nervous as we first sat across the table from each other. As I crossed my legs, I accidentally kicked him and apologized. He said he enjoyed it and wished I’d touch him more. We’d just met so it felt creepy.

He proceeded to describe what dating him would be like, which included selecting his clothes and dressing him. He didn’t notice when I said that wasn’t a desire of mine. Over food, he asked if I would feed him, continuing to miss the mark and not read the room. As we were saying goodbye in the Seattle Center parking lot, he needed to use the bathroom and asked me to turn around. He then proceeded to pee right there … in the parking lot. This was followed by an attempt to hold my hand (with said peeing hand) and a request to make out. Needless to say, that didn’t happen and there wasn’t a second date.”


BEST: “After we had been dating for a while, we bought a simple wicker picnic basket. We promised to keep using it.


For our 10th wedding anniversary, we took our picnic basket and walked to Pike Place Market. Being a vegetarian, my wife picked what she liked. Being a meat eater, I picked what I liked among the many shops.

Then, we walked onto the ferry to Bremerton and found a window seat with a table. I’d snuck on a bottle of wine. We had a lovely two-hour dinner cruise on Puget Sound. It’s been 30 years and we still have the same picnic basket, and we still use it.”


WORST: “This was back in 2016: He was wearing a Bernie 2016 shirt, and this was our second date (our first date was AMAZING). I said I liked his Bernie shirt, and he responded with, ‘Well, play your cards right and you can take this one off me later.’ I ‘went to the bathroom,’ but really went to close out my tab so I could dip — then found out he put all of his drinks on my tab.”


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