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How We Met

We asked readers to submit stories about how they met their significant others. Here are some of your success stories! 

Answers have been edited for spelling and clarity.

Scott and Barbara

“In late 1978, I was an accountant for the city of Seattle, but was hoping to get a shot at a position with the Agency for International Development. My interview with the agency had been canceled when the assassination of the ambassador to Afghanistan had put a hold on all hiring for the ‘foreseeable future.’

I continued to make my daily trek from my Queen Anne apartment to Seattle City Hall, catching a bus at the corner of Queen Anne Avenue and Mercer Street, a great location since three bus routes stopped there. But one of my gripes about riding the bus was that I was always leaving my lunch or umbrella on the bus, sometimes both. One too many times, I left my umbrella and decided I would go to the King County Metro lost and found to see if I could find it. The next morning, I left about 45 minutes early so I could stop at the lost and found. I caught the 1 bus, and saw Barbara for the first time. You could not miss her beauty nor her smile, and because of both, I changed my routine to see if I might have a chance to meet her. As luck would have it, she was a regular rider of the 1.

I eventually handed her a business card with my phone number, and asked her to call me so that maybe we could go to lunch some time. She surprised me shocked me, actually by calling me the next evening. In the back of both of our minds was the same fear that the other one might be too young for the other. She came right to the point and asked me my age. I said ‘25’ and she was relieved. She asked me to guess how old she was, and I said ‘22’ even though I feared it might be younger. Barbara shocked me again, telling me that she was 27.


We started dating, and soon after I finally got my interview. I didn’t think I did that well on the interview, but they offered me a job with a two-year assignment somewhere in equatorial Africa.

A definite crossroads in life. While a foreign service career offered the prospect of work in exotic locations, I knew that it would doom our budding romance. In the end, it was no contest. Four sons and (finally) a granddaughter later, as we celebrated our 40th anniversary on Feb. 21, I know I made the right choice. Looking back it seems like the greatest bus/umbrella love story since the prolific Graham Gouldman penned ‘Bus Stop’ for the Hollies, at least from our perspective.”

— Scott

Deborah and Dan

Deborah and Dan spent a long time as friends before dating. They celebrate their 30th anniversary this month. (Courtesy of Deborah Call)

“As a park ranger, venturing into a big city was very scary and strange for me. Not knowing a single soul, I showed up for my first day of work in a cement city high-rise.

As I was meeting my new co-workers, one big-bearded man took my hand, and while we were shaking, he asked if my dad was ‘Ron.’

I was blown away that someone in these foreign lands knew my dad! They had worked together, as he was a fire dispatcher and my dad was a pilot who flew firefighters to wildland fires. Needless to say, I was surprised and pleased.

We were co-workers for a few years, next we became best friends, then five years later, we became husband and wife. It’s hard to imagine that a wildland firefighter and a park ranger met for life in a high-rise in downtown Seattle! We will be celebrating 30 years this month (wow!) of a fun and adventurous life together.”


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