Scott and Shandace Robertson had just gotten married when the couple went outside for some quick post-ceremony photos. There, they ran into an enchanted little girl.

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Scott and Shandace Robertson had just gotten married at the Hotel Ballard in February when the couple went outside for some quick post ceremony photos.

The sun had made a rare but welcome appearance and the bridal party was happily walking down Ballard Avenue as photographer Stephanie Cristalli snapped away.

“We were just walking around when we noticed a little girl staring at the bride in admiration,” said Cristalli, a Seattle native who’s been shooting weddings for 15 years.

“The bride also gravitated toward her, and they had this sweet little interaction,” said Cristalli whose photos captured the bride holding the little girl, smiling and giving her a flower from her bouquet

Scott —  a Boeing employee who met Shandace, 29, on Christian Mingle and was immediately attracted to her as a “genuine loving human being” —  posted the series of pictures on Reddit using Imgur hoping to find the little girl so he could share the images with her family.

“My wife and I got married last February, and during the photo shoot this little girl and her mom happened to be walking by. The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the princess from her favorite book — the one she’s holding,” Scott, 34, wrote in the Reddit post.

The girl was recognized by one of her daycare teachers, and the family then contacted the Robertsons, according to the child’s mother Kelsey Edwards.

Edwards explained that her daughter, who was then 2-and-a-half, was enchanted with the picture on the cover of Wilkie Collins novel “The Woman in White” and was carrying the book when she saw Shandace.

She was convinced the newlywed was the “princess” on the cover, her mother said.

“After the photos, she was very excited, and we talked a lot about the ‘Princess of Ballard’ that week,” Edwards said in an email exchange on Friday. “She carried the rose Shandace gave her everywhere for a few hours.”

Scott said it was his first experience posting anything like that online, and it’s been a little overwhelming, but also nice to see the story and photos bring a little happiness to people all over the world.

“It was a lovely moment,” Edwards agreed, “and I’m happy so many people appreciate it.”