From the disappearance of bar soap to the demise of breakfast cereal, here’s a generation fighting a big blame game.

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Here are a few of the things that millennials have been blamed for:


• The declining popularity of bar soap:


• Millennials killed the Olympics? Ratings were down in 2016:


• They’re killing the diamond industry, too?


• Also, because they use paper towels at the dinner table, they’re killing the paper napkin trade: a9cdb7ce2a49


• Forgoing vacations ’cause they’re working and slaving too hard:


• How millennials ended the running boom by seeking alternative workouts:

(It was a 1 percent decline from 2015 to 2016, according to Running USA:


• They are killing trees, it is said, because they prefer to read real books:


You didn’t think that was everything, did you? Here are some more honorable mentions of things millennials apparently killed in 2016:


• The golf industry:


• The cereal industry:


• Crowdfunding: