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Seattle arboretum loop trail opens up new vistas, opportunities

A jogger runs on the  new 1.2-mile paved walking and cycling trail that combines with the old Arboretum Drive to create a loop is now open at the Washington Park Arboretum, shot Tuesday, February 13, 2018. At right is Lake Washington Blvd. E. where cars travel at the west side of the arboretum.  The new trail creates the loop which provides recreation and access to the Arboretum collection.  A grand opening ceremony for the new trail will take place April 8, 2018.  The entire loop is almost two miles long.  There are 18  benches along the new trail.

The team building the trail took painstaking care to protect the Washington Park Arboretum’s 230-acre collection of 20,000 trees and other plants from around the world.  VIEW

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