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Here are some of Seattle Times readers’ best, most interesting and most heartwarming holiday lights decorations

Neal, Jody & Andy Schmidt	
It took Neal 1 week	
In March we moved back into Jody’s childhood home where her mom has lived for 45 years. The house would always be decorated with lights as a child, and we wanted to recreate that memory now with us in the home. The infamous Vincent Star on the roof is from our dear family friend Allan Vincent. His dad made it in the 60’s and we took it over when they decided to pass it on. We have a 6ft Santa we named Hot Santa. He was a souvenir from a family in the 60’s while on their honeymoon to San Francisco. Hot Santa was in the back of the station wagon all the way home and is always watching through the 1930’s front door taken out of Jody’s Grandparent’s home in Kirkland. Don’t stop believin’ and Merry Christmas.

With many holiday plans out the window due to the pandemic, people are going bigger on other traditions. In this photo gallery, you'll find Seattle Times readers' holiday lights photos we collected, one way we're staying connected to our community.  VIEW

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