A collection of our best holiday reads.

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Whether you’re hosting a big family feast, attending a neighborhood gathering, celebrating gratitude with a special solo dinner, or spending the day sharing your gifts with those in need, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to pause and focus on what really matters. And, let’s be honest, it also can be a source of stress.

With all that in mind, we’ve collected some of our best Thanksgiving stories, with advice on everything from timing your holiday prep to talking turkey about your workplace challenges; from how to incorporate stretchy waistbands into a stylish outfit (for real!) to how a salumi platter might make the day even better. And if you’re looking for a way to give back, we’ve got that, too.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find.

Thanksgiving countdown: What to do when

Here’s a game plan for getting things done ahead of time so you can truly enjoy the turkey and pie along with your gang.

Thanksgiving dinner outfits that are classy — and stretchy

For a food-based holiday, don clothing that is both chic and comfortable. Or just toss formality out the window and embrace the day for what it is — a chance to chow down and watch football.

Professional cleaning services that cost less than $250

Hiring a professional cleaning service may sound like a luxury you can’t afford. But it may cost less than you think. And when it leaves you more time to spend with your family, the benefits of hiring a professional may outweigh the costs.

We hope you’ll enjoy our holiday reads.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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It’s time to start your to-do lists, some of the shopping and cleaning the roaster and masher.

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Everyone has the power to change someone’s life during the holidays.

Chow down and look good in these Thanksgiving styles for men and women.

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Elevate your Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah tables with these pro tips.

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Lisa Quast, columnist for The Seattle Times Jobs

If you’re thinking about becoming a people manager, here are the skills you’ll need to be successful.

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Make sure your weeknight mealtimes happen year round.

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Cut down on Thanksgiving prep with this delectable, locally prepared appetizer platter.

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Whether you are a home chef or just looking for an easier cleanup, a semi-professional faucet is a style that works for any kitchen.

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Feeling stressed trying to prep for Thanksgiving? These pro cleaning services can help.

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It’s important for children to engage in community involvement that fosters their own learning.

Three ways to tell whether participating in Black Friday is really right — or actually wrong — for you.

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Marc Dillon, bar manager at Wild Ginger McKenzie, shares tips to help make your at-home holiday parties a smashing success.


In a bad job? Here’s how to cope until you find a better one.

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The simple addition — or replacement — of moulding can instantly upgrade a room.

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