For this special summer section, we asked an array of notable locals what they are looking forward to getting out and going/seeing/doing. 

Zach Bolotin, Owner, Porchlight Coffee & Records

The founder and owner of this beloved Capitol Hill café and record shop is a longtime advocate of emerging independent musicians, both in the Seattle scene and beyond it. His label, Porchlight Records, has released limited-edition vinyl works of Emerald City artist Tomo Nakayama and London-based Danielle Fricke, while his café is a longtime gathering spot for creatives. Bolotin is also a graphic designer whose work has illustrated Death Cab for Cutie EPs and Macklemore show posters.

Karachi Cowboys

“Nas Zubair started his Pakistani soul food popup a couple of years ago,” says Bolotin about the Houston-born, Seattle-based chef, whose Indian and Pakistani-inspired dishes include tamarind BBQ sauce-spiked potato aloo sliders and ginger-infused milk chai. “But the brick and mortar is opening on Capitol Hill this summer and I couldn’t be more excited.”

The Roanoke

“Up until recently, I lived right next door to the Roanoke and in the best way possible, I’d say that it’s the best average bar in the country. Plus, they’ve got outdoor ping pong.”

Central Cinema

“Over the years, I’ve seen a well-rounded selection of classics at Central Cinema–from The Maltese Falconand Casablanca to Jingle All The Way and Gremlins. They’ve been closed for the last year or so, but they’re opening back up in July.”

Museum of Museums

“After a COVID delay, MoM finally opened this spring,” says Bolotin about the contemporary art museum in First Hill. “I’ve always been drawn to organizations that were born from a DIY spirit, and this museum is a wonderful addition to the city.” 

Mariners games (and softball, too)

“I’ve been going to at least a couple of games a year since the Kingdome days, so I’m looking forward to getting back to some games before the year is over,” says Bolotin, adding that he can’t wait to start hitting the ball with his own softball league. “The Radiator Whiskey softball team is made up of mostly restaurant and music industry pals so 2020 was a weird year for all of us. It’ll be nice to get out and remind the other slow-moving adults that we still have more championships than the Mariners (one).”